Getting Parts

This is a list, where you hopefully can find parts for your old KTM.

Dealers, add yourselfe to the database here!


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Dr.2Stroke, International NOS and used parts, International


Dr.2Stroke has a large inventory of new and old used parts.


ANDRE HORVATH'S KTM Klassiker 1953 - 19992

ANDRE HORVATH'S KTM Klassiker 1953 - 1992
Huge stock of new and used KTM parts. Also parts for CZ, Bultaco, Husqvarna, Maico, Montesa, SWM, Ossa and more. Good prices, fast delivery and a friendly contact.


Karlströms motor, Sweden

Karlströms motor, Sweden
Tel: +46-224-77 166
Fax: +46-224-77 128

One of swedens oldest and most reliable sources. Huge inventory for KTM and Honda. Fast delivery.


To be continued....

Part / Service


Brake Shoes

Jim Aim Motorcycles (01787 460671) and as they are the same double leading edge shoes that Yamaha used they shouldn't prove too hard to get.

Brake Cable

Jim Aim Motorcycles (01787 460671)

Kickstart (used)

SKL Moto-X (01924 493385)

Front Tire

Roadrunner (Stroud)

Rear Tire


Levers (Universal)




Piston Kit

Jim Aim Motorcycles (01787 460671). But hurry.... Mike has had one for his bike as well as me. Can't be many left!!

Gaskets and seals

Readily available at Jim Aim Motorcycles (01787 460671)

Main Bearings

Go-Moto - hard to get though. Took 3 months to source from Austria in the end.

Con-rod kit

Go-Moto sourced one when they rebuilt the engine. Jim Aim did have one in stock in September 2000. Might still be there!

Engine build


Gearbox mag-welding


Expansion chamber repair

Go-Moto but Jim Aim's believed he could order a new one from KTM within 3 weeks. Never put them to the test though...

Coil (generic) and plug cap

Jim Aim Motorcycles (01787 460671). The generic coil is a bit crappy and plastic. Bradford Ignition Services do a high quality metal part which would probably be a better bet.

Kill switch (universal)

Jim Aim Motorcycles (01787 460671), but you could get one from Go-Moto or just about anywhere else.

Motoplat rewind

Bradford Ignition Services (PVL electronic ignitions available from Penton Imports, Ohio)

Pilot jet

Jim Aim Motorcycles (01787 460671)

Boyesen Reeds

Go-Moto. Or Chaparral-Racing in the States.


On the to do list. Available in the US at SprocketSpecialist

Side panels

Couldn't get original 84 495 side panels, but Jim Aim had a pair of 85 500 panels which fit and are the same except have a slightly bigger number area. They'll do... Jim Aim Motorcycles (01787 460671)

Rear Mudguard

Not been able to get one yet... The one I have obviously isn't correct. It looks like a YZ item or a genric job. The correct one should be a modern looking small pointy item. I suspect I can get a gernic pattern part that is a closer match, so with any luck Go-Moto should be able to sort me out.


Type 55 Bing Carb from Bing Agency International - based in the US but ship worldwide.