Mike's 495

I bought it back in the summer of 1990. I purchased it for $280.00 US dollars. Some little guy had it in his basement and it looked just like it does in the picture on the site except for the silencer. I was amazed that I got so lucky with the purchase. The guy was selling for $600.00. When we looked at it he said it was too much bike for him. Then he could not get it started. We tried to get it started too but no luck. After checking the spark plug we found that their was no spark. We settled at $300.00 but we needed $20.00 for gas money so he gave it to us for $280.00. The hard part was pushing the beast out of the basement up a flight of stairs. When we got it home after a lot of fiddling we found that the only problem was the kill switch was faulty and grounding out. One snip of the kill switch wire and the double spark plugs lit up the night like a lightning bolt. We tried to kick start it but it kicked back to hard. We then push started it and WOW. I didn't know it then, but I later found out that who ever had it had it set up to race. The engine was bored out all the way and the timing was advanced for race gas. I used to smoke everything as long as there was no jumps. I rode it up until about 1996 when I wrecked in WVa. No big deal just bent the silencer like a peice of paper. I had it tore apart and stored till about 1999 then I put it back together. It ran till 2000 then I started rebuilding it and restoring it. I am almost done. I will have fresh new internal engine parts soon and I will send a new picture.

Mike 495