Patrick's 495 engine in a 125 frame...

Getting Started

"Here is a picture of the 495 motor in the 125 chassis. You can see the frame section missing below the swing arm pivot and the front motor mounts removed. The arm is off the 495 for purposes of fitment. I am not sure that I will use the 125 arm yet. It's 2 inches shorter. The front mounts will be removed from the 495and welded in as will the lower frame cradle. I was going to handform an alloy tank but it looks like a cone pipe may take presidence." Patrick.

Making Progress towards...

"Progress on my bike goes on.If you think that no one can figure out what you have, wait till they get a load of mine.My fuel tank was no good and KTM doesn't make them any more.Clarke mfg. over here makes a replica of the 1979 MC tank.Also ,I don't know if I told you that I bought a pair of Fox air shox.It's almost time to start painting every thing and sell one of the kids to get the motor rebuilt.Enclosed is a factory pictur of the 79 400.This should be pretty close to what mine will look like."

The Chassis

"Here are some pics of the welded up chassis. The swingarm color is one that I mixed up from spare Imron colors at work. I think I'll keep the color for the frame but the swingarm will return to silver.(I couldn't wait to paint something.) The blue sections of frame and the front mounts are from the 495. You can see the various places that the tubing was manipulated to meet the lower motor mount and the 125 tubing. The clamps are Showa from a '87 CR-250 with the KTM 125 steering stem adapted to fit the chassis. Shocks are vintage Fox air shox. The extra tubing where the seat goes is part of a 125 frame loop that will be used to support the much bigger exhaust. I got lucky and managed to fit the exhaust mounts so that I can use the stock exhaust."