Riding story by Eric Johnson CA, USA

My son and I went to my Dad's in the High Desert this weekend and had a ball. The weather was a crisp 60 deg-f and clear as a bell. We have to be careful here as it's illegal to ride here. Since the property is in the outskirts and I was raised here cutting my teeth on dirt bikes as a kid, I know my way around quite well and can outrun a mobile police officer or forest ranger no problem. We actually saw the rangers twice but with no bother. I have recently laid out a 6.5 mile GP track in this foothill area that has a wide variety of course negotiations such as - high speed (5th gear open) sand washes, hill climbs, canyon trails, ridge riding with fantastic views, some great 20 foot jumps, and I would guess some 50 or 60 turns and berms of all sorts. I will send some pics of the place next time I'm up there next month. All in all this place is what the big 495 was birthed for. Our first pace lap was 15:30, my second lap was 13:45, and my third blistering "no holds barred" lap was 11:05! That's about 36mph avg. The avg may sound low, but on this course it scared the hell out of me! Anyway, here a a few pics my son took, they are not too good as he is an amateur photographer, hopefully you will enjoy. More later and regards........Eric 'EJ' Johnson, USA.


Riding pics