Dirt Rider April 1984


Turning the Austrian Animal into a Desert Rat

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The article introduces the '84 495 as a the perfect choice for the play racer's play bike, the kind of motorcycle that can conquer practically anything it's aimed at, making you, the rider, at least feel like a hero. They describe the differences between the MX and MXC with an interesting section on the gearing differences - 1st on the MXC is very low, 2nd is a bit lower than 1st on the MX then 3rd - 5th are the same as 2nd - 4th on the MX. The big news in the article is the MXC shedding 15lbs between the 83 and 84 models. Another big part of the article is the mellow power compared with the 83. This is put down to pipe and porting changes as well as the lower compression single spark head. Despite the loss in peak power the production of near peak torque throughout the rev range makes the engine feel as strong as previous models.

Tecnical Specs


Whether ment as a serious play bike or a serious race bike, the 495 MXC fits the bill. It's got the power, handling and relaibility to satisfy practically anyonne after some roiutine dialling in. The only thing, then, is using it to become the king of your local hill