Dirt Bike June 1984


Kross-Kountry killer

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The article introduces the '84 495 as a brute, pure and simple but goes on to say it's a friendlier brute than it used to be. The test bike is the 5-speed cross-country version rather than the 4-speed MX bike as motocrossing a 495 can turn a strong, healthy man into whimpering puppy. Which is true... The engine for '84 was retuned for low down grunt and a fat midrange by changes to the head. This has cost the top-end 10 horse power (bollocks...) but Power still borders on insane - so that's OK then. They moan about the gearing being too low as stanard but are happy with the new slim line weight. The '84 weighs in at 239lbs dry, compared with the previous years bike at 250+. Bloody hell... I've got the light gutless versions.

They sum up the handling as good when the suspension is set up properly but the stock shock is too soft.

Tecnical Specs


This is not a toy and not intended for the faint of heart, but is a strong-running, good-handling monster bike.